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We are building strong, vibrant, caring communities where people and business can prosper.

Rural Oxford is the most prosperous community in Ontario.

It’s easy to see why Rural Oxford’s population is growing. Our natural resources are abundant. Agriculture, business and industry are thriving, innovative and diversified here, offering outstanding employment opportunities and contributing to excellent quality of life. This is reflected in our caring, affluent and culturally diverse communities.

Our enviable location gives Rural Oxford outstanding access to major routes and markets.

Verspeeten Cartage truckPeople and commerce are well connected within Rural Oxford and to the world. Our excellent road systems are in close proximity to ports, major airports, rail and US border crossings. The commercial, educational and healthcare facilities of major population centres are within easy driving distance. All of this is readily accessible, yet costs are lower here.

Our rural legacy has nurtured a generation of agricultural leaders.

Rural Oxford is well known for the leadership role it has played in Canadian agriculture. Tremendous crop diversity and value is evident in our fields, and innovation is one of the things we grow best. The county is known as the Dairy Capital of Canada for the quality of its cows, and its historic and vibrant milk and cheese industries.

Our caring community nurtures a healthy living and business environment.

Life is good in Rural Oxford. Our people look after each other with strong stewardship of our environment, food, recreation, tourism and culture. They freely volunteer their time for worthwhile community causes. The result is a healthy and safe environment where business and families thrive, whether they are new to the area or have lived here for generations.

Customer care is a first priority for ROEDC

ROEDC is committed to helping people and business thrive in Rural Oxford. Our economic development professionals strive to do everything possible to mitigage barriers that could hinder good business growth in our communities, in a positive, timely and confidential way.

In September 2014, the Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation (ROEDC) was formed as a non-profit organization to undertake the development and support of economic growth and sustainability in the rural townships of Oxford County.  The ROEDC is governed by a volunteer board of ten (10) directors.

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