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113 Winniett St. Woodstock ON N4S 5Z8
Rolf Maurer
Solar PV Installations

The Arntjen Group was founded in 1978, with the Solar Division being added in Germany in 2003. Arntjen Solar North America was founded in Ontario in 2008. Since then, Arntjen Solar NA together with its 12 System-Integrators are responsible for the successful installation of well over 4,000 Solar PV-systems in Ontario. Arntjen Solar has installed numerous FIT (100-500kW) installations throughout Oxford County including five (5) 500kW SolarGardens in South Western Ontario. Arntjen Solar NA has been recognized as a leader in the solar industry and has received the ñ2012 Business Awards of Excellenceî for their contribution to the Renewable Energy Industry in Conservation & Innovation.
With our quality _oriented products, our company is specialized in consulting, designing, installing and selling complete turnkey Solar PV-systems. Customer satisfaction is of decisive importance to us.
We support you from the planning stage through the commissioning of your solar PV project. We ensure expert installation and commissioning of your system. The provision of individualized economic viability and earnings, forecasts, measurements of performance and provisions of support round off our services provided. We place our greatest value on the quality and reliability of the tested, high-quality components used.
Arntjen Solar NA is looked at as the pioneer in the solar industry and leader in the commercial ground mounted solar industry since we installed the first tracker based solar farm in Canada in 2008. The SunSaver1 solar farm in East Zorra Tavistock has received numerous awards like the ñProducer of the Year award in 2010î and was nominated as the finalist for the ñAgricultural Award of Excellence in 2010î.

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