Businesses that call Rural Oxford home have selected us because they are one-of-a-kind and they want the place they live and work to have that distinction as well.


Key Sectors

Our rich legacy in agriculture has fostered innovation and prosperity in Agriculture, Agri-Manufacturing, and in Food Processing.


From agricultural equipment to Tier 1 automotive parts, we are manufacturing excellence.

Food Processing

Our rich legacy in agriculture has fostered innovation and prosperity in Food Processing.


More than 1,300 people across 20 companies move goods and supplies along our highway arteries.


Gross Construction values have increased 38% in comparision to the 5-year average.


Construction Leader 10 Years In a Row

Gross Construction Values in 2018 exceeded $173,763,500.00, which was an 81% increase over the 10-year construction value average in Rural Oxford. Just shy of 1,000 permits were issued across the rural townships of Oxford County.


Job Growth Since 2014


Increase in Permit Fees

Select Site: Mount Elgin

This 25 acre site is located 8 km south of Highway 401 in the village of Mount Elgin.

This site offers access to 3-phase power, natural gass, municipal water, and sanitary sewer service.

Price: $999,000

Rural Oxford offers easy access

to the world

ProThe minimal traffic in Rural Oxford, and our easy access to large centres, allows you to get your products on their way quickly and efficiently. Road, rail, ship, or air, we have enviable access to them all, because our one-of-a-kind location is in the heart of a major transportation corridor. Locally, regionally, nationally, or across the globe, your products are easily transported from Rural Oxford.

Million consumers within a day's drive

Border crossings within 250km

Ports access Great Lakes and beyond

The County is now effectively located at the juncture of Highways 401, 402, and 403 which serves much of the economy of southern Ontario.


The Right Choice

Direct access to the 400 series of highways gives us quick access to customers and suppliers alike.

~Scott Verspeeten, President of Verspeeten Cartage.

Market Data

For both international and locally based industries, Rural Oxford has a strong appeal, given its location within Ontario’s industrial heartland.

Our VIP Program

We take the hassle out of looking for a location and help you find a custom solution just right for your business.  Our Economic Development Officer will personally escort you to top Rural Oxford properties that meet your selection criteria.  She is there each step as you proceed, to answer questions and help you streamline your development process.  In Rural Oxford, we are flexible and it is easy to do business here because you are not just a number, you are a priority.

In Rural Oxford, you will be treated like a VIP, because to us, you are.

The Most Prosperous

It’s easy to see why Rural Oxford’s economy is growing. Our natural resources are abundant. Agriculture, business and industry are thriving, innovative and diversified here, offering outstanding employment opportunities and contributing to excellent quality of life. This is reflected in our caring, affluent and culturally diverse communities.

  • $89,456 average family income
  • More than 6,000 rural businesses
  • $2.3 Billion in annual exports
  • Highest agricultural land value in Ontario

55 Acres in Tavistock