Go Beyond Entrepreneurship:
Accelerate the Transition to Wealth-Building Business Owner

One Session per Week | 4 Weeks | Ongoing Support


$1,200        Now priced at $600 


When they launch, most entrepreneurs have visions of developing a business that feeds their passion while building exceptional wealth. But the reality is often quite different and some remain stuck in a frustrating cycle of chasing growth without actually achieving it.

This inspiring and actionable learning program covers:

  • Assessing your current customer base & financial position to find the path for scalability
  • How to manage money and time differently to power growth
  • Ways to overcome self-imposed restrictions that entrepreneurs sub-consciously erect
  • Boost marketing and sales results by making simple changes
  • Build a great team and empower them to accelerate
  • Systems, automation and making business easier
  • Manage by numbers to make yourself dispensable by design

The program will be delivered over 4 weeks on Tuesdays from May 22 – Jun 12, with classes running 8am-1pm


Week 1 – A Clear Picture: Getting a Grip On Your Business

This session helps each entrepreneur take a close look at where they are at – what is their customer base comprised of, average revenue per customer, where their most profitable business lies, and what it takes to do their current level of business. We explore the challenges they have faced to date and how those have contributed to their current position. We will also look at whether growth is what they want or if they simply want to be more profitable. Finally, we establish a few key measurables to help them assess the health of their business.


  • Review Your Personal Vision and Goals
  • Look at Your Current Position
  • Create Your Scorecard
  • Assess Current Customer Base for Opportunities


Week 2 – Making Business Scalable: People, Processes and Automation

This session is all about finding ways to make business run smoothly and with a minimum of people involvement, in order to allow the entrepreneur and their team to focus on the high value activities. We will look at everything from marketing automation and admin support to new hire training, cloud storage, and automatic bill payment.


  • A plan for what to automate and how to do it
  • Tools to improve operations
  • Alternative options for scalability


Week 3 – Boost Marketing & Sales

This week is all about attracting more and better clients – and closing more business. We will build a marketing plan based on numbers; the level of activity will be designed specifically to produce the amount of business planned for in the first week’s program. We will also identify ways to create a sales process, fill the sales funnel, track conversions and planning for customer growth, not just hoping for it.


  • Pricing strategies discussion and plan
  • Marketing plan with activities tied to sales goals
  • Definitive marketing budget with actual numbers
  • Sales plan that produces results


Week 4 – Dispensable by Design

To create a business that operates as a wealth-building system, you – the entrepreneur – need to become dispensable to the business. You need to plan to extricate yourself from every piece of the business until you get to the point that you do not need to go into the office each day. That is all about leadership. This week focuses on your leadership and what it takes to run a company like this – because the skills you need to start a business are not the same skills you need to grow a business.


  • Develop a leadership plan for the owner
  • Explore managing by the numbers

Financial management and building storehouses


Lisa Kember helps entrepreneurs scale the growth hurdles to become wealth-building business owners.

She has worked with many entrepreneurial leaders across the country, helping them make the leap from indispensable pioneers to strategic leaders developing high functioning teams. She helps them become “dispensable by design”.

Lisa is a passionate champion for the entrepreneurial community in Canada. She is a business optimization expert with a coaching and advisory practice, runs training courses to help entrepreneurs optimize their business, and also owns a peer advisory network called The Alternative Board.

Lisa has been a business owner throughout her career, running marketing, personal development, property management, and real estate investment companies. She has an MBA in the school of hard knocks – where many entrepreneurs get their business education.

Apart from her practical experience, Lisa holds a BA in Honours English from the University of Waterloo, a marketing practicum from Ryerson University, and a Resource Development Diploma from Sheridan College.



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