Regional RideShare

Regional Rideshare is a FREE website that matches interested carpoolers in Southwestern Ontario. It’s free for your workplace to join and free for your employees to use.

Regional RideShare Screen

What’s in it for my business?

• Help employees keep more of their pay in their pocket
• Improve employee productivity by reducing their stress levels*
• Free up parking spots for visitors and customers
• Enhance your corporate image

Your employees will benefit too!

• Save money on gas and parking
• Reduce vehicle wear and tear
• Make new friends and get to know colleagues
• Feel good about contributing to cleaner air

Going Your Employees’ Way!


*Studies have shown that commuters who travel long distances and commute with others have lower levels of stress and lower blood pressure.


Oxford Business Builder Program

Professional development for our Rural Oxford workforce

The ROEDC is offering a series of programs are for individuals who are looking to broaden their perspectives, acquire new professional skills, refresh their knowledge, exceed their goals or gain competitive advantage. The Business Builder program offers a wide variety of learning programs and formats that benefit the public, private and non-profit professional communities of rural Oxford. This series of workshops and seminars is a regional partnership with Constant Contact and the Chambers of Commerce throughout Oxford County. Sessions will have participants taking a deep dive that will teach how to be effective at email marketing, succession planning, social media strategies, HR practices, building a marketing toolkit, and more. Increase your business reach and overall success with the Business Builders program.


In 2016, you can Train4More with the assistance of the Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation. Train4More is a program designed by the ROEDC to address the widely reported gap in local access to skilled training.

According to Bernia Wheaton, the economic development specialist for this area, “by bringing technical training opportunities to Rural Oxford, we are assisting youth to access relevant training, while also giving employers the opportunity to tap into customized courses that meet the needs of their existing workforce.”

Local courses will be organized in a number of disciplines that include but are not limited to, Forklift Certification, Qualitative Fit Testing, Working at Heights, and Welding courses that are in demand in the local manufacturing sector as well as in agriculture. The ROEDC understands the need to stay in touch with industrial advances, and as such, will work with top training providers to deliver the programs that meet industry standards and requirements.  Bringing this training to Rural Oxford ensures a highly qualified and competitive workforce.

According to the data provided in the Employees – EMSI 2015.3 report, Construction is Rural Oxford’s third largest industry, next to manufacturing and agriculture. Just shy of 1,000 jobs are attributed to construction, which is up from 569 jobs in 2006. That is a dramatic increase in the past ten years, and with employers reporting a shortage of skilled workers, the Train4More program is designed to fill that gap.

“The ROEDC believes that by investing in our future workforce, we can help youth show that they’re serious about employment in rural Oxford, while also helping employers be as competitive as they can be,” Wheaton added.

To find out more about the Train4More program, contact Bernia Wheaton, the local economic development specialist for Rural Oxford and find out your classroom or business can benefit from the Train4More program.

Find the right employee to fill your job vacancies with the online portal Working  with the Oxford Workforce Development Partnership, we are pleased to offer an employee attraction tool to the businesses of rural Oxford.  Post job descriptions for FREE.  Specify the industry sector and geographic location of the job to assist job seekers in their search. Recently revamped with a wealth of new features, this robust website is an effective tool for growing your business with the skilled talent that you need.

Working together to build a stronger workforce and grow economic prosperity in Oxford.

Cooperative Marketing

Cooperative marketing is a program to combine marketing efforts.  This can happen in a variety of formats.  Contact our Economic Development Staff to talk about how sharing marketing and promotion ideas and resources can save money, and expand your marketing reach. We will work with you to combine efforts that create effective and mutually beneficial campaigns.  Resource sharing, collective bargaining for better pricing on media buys, and cross-promotion efforts are just a few of the ways the ROEDC can help your marketing efforts.